Tu Hieu Pagoda is an ancient temple with bold ancient architecture in Hue, the ancient capital. Besides, this place is also a famous spiritual tourist destination with pure beauty that visitors should not ignore. Let’s go on a temple tour with Da Nang Tours in this article.

Where is Tu Hieu Pagoda?

  • Address : Duong Xuan Thuong III Hamlet, Thuy Xuan Ward, Hue

Tu Hieu Pagoda is located in Duong Xuan village, hidden deep in a large pine forest. It is believed that this is one of the oldest pagodas in Hue, built during the Nguyen Dynasty, so it has a unique and different architecture.

In addition, the temple attracts visitors with its poetic scenery and cool atmosphere. In particular, here all four seasons have their own beauty, so you can visit at any time.

However, every year in the 7th lunar month, many young Buddhists come to the temple to pay their respects to their parents during the season of “Vu Lan shows filial piety,” so you should consider visiting Tu Hieu Pagoda during this time.

How to get to Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tu Hieu Pagoda is easily accessible by motorbike, car, or taxi because it is only about 5 kilometers from Hue’s city center.

  • Motorbike: The rental price is about 100,000–180,000 VND/day, depending on the type of vehicle you choose.
  • Taxi: Suitable for groups of 3–5 people, the price is about 7000–15000 VND/km. Before hiring some reputable taxi companies such as Mai Linh, Taxi Thanh Cong, Taxi Hoang Sa,…, you should inquire about the service price.

You can follow Dien Bien Phu Street, then turn onto Le Ngo Cat Street, and continue until you see a signpost leading to the temple. Google Maps location: here.

Tu Hieu Pagoda’s History

According to the documentation of Tu Hieu Pagoda, there are many interesting stories and historical information about the formation of the temple that many tourists do not know.

Tu Hieu Pagoda was originally just a small Thao Am built by the patriarch Nhat Dinh after a period of taking care of and nurturing his elderly mother here.

Legend has it that, in the past, when the mother of ancestor Nhat Dinh was seriously ill, he often used a cane to travel long distances to catch fish and buy meat to take care of her. When ordinary people saw this, they discriminated against him and thought that a monk would eat salty food, but he did not care about it.

The story reached the ears of King Tu Duc, who sent someone to investigate and was very touched by his filial piety toward his old mother. Therefore, in 1848, the king built and expanded the Tu Hieu pagoda as it is today.
Later, Tu Hieu Pagoda was also the place chosen by many eunuchs of the court as a resting place; the temple was also known by another name, Thai Giam Pagoda.

Visiting Tu Hieu Pagoda

Explore the architecture of the Tu Hieu Pagoda.

As a place associated with history and touching stories, the unique architecture of Tu Hieu Pagoda is also an attraction for tourists to visit.

The temple was built in the 19th century, so it has pretty clear feudal architecture. The patterns—dragons, phoenixes, etc.—are all meticulously and delicately carved. The roof tiles and pagoda columns also added many symbolic images to create an outstanding appearance.

Besides, the scenery around the pagoda is also very beautiful, with a green pine forest and clear lake giving visitors a feeling of peace, quiet, and relaxation. If you are a nature and history lover, this unique tourist destination cannot be missed.

Visit the cemetery of Nguyen dynasty eunuchs.

This special cemetery is located behind the temple grounds and is the resting place of 24 emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Legend has it that, in the past, the eunuch Chau Phuoc Nang helped Zen master Nhat Dinh a lot in expanding the temple. Touched by this heart, knowing that after the return of the price, the eunuchs in the court often did not have a resting place, Zen master Nhat Dinh asked the eunuchs to donate to expand Tu Hieu Pagoda so they could retire later. old.

Today, when visitors visit Tu Hieu Pagoda, they will see the cemetery with 24 graves behind. This land has an area of up to 1000 m2 and a plaque recording the contributions of the Eunuchs to the ancient court.

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Tu Hieu Pagoda in Hue is a tourist destination that gives visitors different experiences. Coming to this place, you will feel like going back in time because of the ancient and poetic space. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hue, visit the pagoda and feel all the tranquility and peace in this place.