Debay Wine Cellar At Ba Na Hills

Debay wine cellar

Ba Na Hills is one of the most popular destinations for not only doments but also foreigners. Debay wine cellar is a 100m in length tunnel that inspire many people’s curiosity. Let’s discovery Debay Wine Cellar at Ba Na Hills and interesting experience !

About Debay Wine Cellar At Ba Na Hills

  • Address: Ba Na Hills, Hoa Phu , Hoa Vang , Da Nang

Debay wine cellar is located in Sun World Ba Na Hill tourist area, one of the most famous tourist areas in Da Nang that you must definitely visit once.

debay wine cellar at ba na hills

The wine cellar is a work built by the French deep in the heart of Ba Na mountain in 1923. This is also considered an ancient cellar with many hidden historical and cultural values. There are countless wines here, arranged in a length of 100m, kept at a temperature of 16-20 degrees.

This place was originally a place to build villas, hospitals, and facilities to serve the resort needs for officials, merchants or some French troops during the colonial period.

They built a wine cellar named Debay because this is the name of the French captain who discovered Ba Na and considered this an advantageous position. The wine cellar is partly to remember the merits, and partly to store precious and special wines brought from France.

Currently, Debay Ba Na Wine Cellar is put into experience tourism activities for tourists from all over the world. Precious wines will be served in great parties and welcome guests. And visitors can try different types of wine or buy them as gifts.

How to get to the Debay Wine Cellar

wine cellar

Because it is located in a tourist area, you just need to move Sun World Ba Na and visit the wine cellar. First, by means of motorbikes, passenger cars, personal cars, trains or planes to Da Nang city. From the city, you take a taxi, bus or motorbike taxi about 30km.

Coming here, you have to travel by cable car to reach Ba Na mountain and enter the tourist area. From here you can view the map and find the wine cellar.

Ticket price to the resort:

  • Adults: 1090,000 VND
  • Children: 840,000 VND

✔ You can buy tickets at:

Tips: To be safe, save time and have the best experience, you should choose to book a Ba na hills tour because you will be picked up by a shuttle bus, with a guide, travel insurance….

What is interesting in Debay Wine Cellar?

Debay Tunnel’s Unique Architectural Features

+ The wine cellar was once destroyed by war, later in peacetime it was restored for tourism. The tunnel is 100m in depth in the heart of Ba Na mountain, about 2.5m high and 2m wide.

+ The tunnel keeps visitors absolutely safe by building the cliff from a mortar mixed with sugar and tree sap.

+ The top arch is formed to be under great pressure. The interior also has a light system to help people comfortably explore.

+ The cellar is built into small architectures used for distillation, the cellar holds 14 wine compartments, of which 9 are small and 5 are large.

+ Especially, there is an extremely chill bar space, you can comfortably enjoy many attractive, even expensive and rare wines that have never been enjoyed.

+ Moreover, this is also an extremely “genuine” check-in point that brings a cool feeling or a little chill. If you like a mysterious concept, like to experience, this is a amazing point not to be missed!

Culinary Space Experience

Right at the wine cellar going up to the 2nd floor is a restaurant area specializing in serving food for visitors. There are many unique dishes here, with the characteristics of The Central and Vietnam.

You will both eat and enjoy with some wine and see the whole view of Le Jardin D’Amour Flower garden from above.

And the dish that should not be missed when coming here is grilled ostrich meat. A piece of fatty meat that you sip with a little wine will make you hard to forget!

Other Activities Around Cellars

Because it is located in a famous tourist area, the wine cellar is also just one of the places worth visiting in your journey to discover Ba Na.

After spending some time visiting the tunnel, you can go to other attractions such as: Golden Bridge, French \ Village, Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden, Wax Museum, Fantasy Park, Alpine coaster, Linh Ung Pagoda…

Some notes when visiting the Debay wine Cellar

+ For a complete trip, please note one of the following small notes when visiting Debay cellar:

+ Do not open or enjoy alcohol without the permission of the management. You can stop by the bar inside instead.

+ Have a sense of common hygiene, especially do not draw symbols on the tunnel wall.

+ If you want to take good pictures at the tunnel, you should choose bright colors to stand out more.

Above is information about Debay Ba Na wine cellar that you can refer to. Wish you have a very happy trip and many experiences. Don’t forget to follow the page for more interesting information.

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