French Village Ba Na Hills

french village ba na hills

French Village Ba Na Hills with a romantic architectural space in European style is a favorite destination of many tourists when traveling to Ba Na hills. The village is designed in ancient architecture surrounded by beautiful natural scenery that makes visitors feel like they are lost in a fairy land in Europe.  Let’s discover unique works and check-in freely at Ba Na Hills with Da Nang Tours City!

Features About French Village In Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is not only a famous tourist destination in Da Nang but also known by many domestic and international tourists. After taking the second cable car, you will reach the French village – which is built based on the simulation of unique cultural works of France.

Ba Na Hills French Village, also known as French Village, is the most impressive work of Ba Na. Thank to this village, visitors do not need to go to Europe far away to see the arched roofs of the magnificent cathedrals that in this village can already be admired with your own eyes.

The entire French Village area has a scale of up to 5 hectares, including 7 zones with 32 magnificent buildings and a system of 3-5 star hotels, restaurants, shopping areas, coffee shops, etc. There are also utilities such as 3D cinema, roller coaster, paradise of games, etc. with an investment capital of up to 80 million USD.

How to get to Ba Na Hills French Village?

The way to Ba Na is quite easy to move, so you can choose many different types of vehicles depending on your preferences and conditions. If you like the comfort, freedom and initiative in terms of time and schedule, you can rent a motorbike or self-drive tourist car. Or if you go in a large group, you should take a taxi, take a bus or book a tour: Ba Na Hills Tour


  •  Adults: 1,090,000 VND
  • Children (1m – under 1m4): 840,000 VND

When going to Ba Na, you can visit nearby attractions such as Golden Bridge, Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden, Debay Wine Cellar. Then move by cable car to enter the French village. If you want to go to the French village first, you can get on the Champa station or Toc Tien Station which lead you directly to French Village, about 20 minutes.

What is outstanding about Ba Na Hills French Village?

European Architectural Space

Architecture is still one of the special highlights of this space. The French Village was designed based on the sketches of Pigneau De Behaine, the first foreigner to come to Ba Na. This person had the idea of bringing a miniature French painting to Vietnam, simulating an ancient, quiet town with the buildings of hotels, houses, churches, villages…

Entering here, you can feel the gentle and romantic breath of France. The houses covered with a layer of deep brown make people feel curious and want to explore. Even so, this place still show off a sense of pride and splendor. Just taking the camera to take a simple picture, it also makes people feel that you are traveling in Europe.

Unique Spaces

+ Du Dome Square : This is the venue for French Village festivals, always full of excitement and laughter. Tourists coming here are to check in and keep memories.

+ Chateau De Chenonceau: The castle exposes an ancient but equally splendid look. From here, you can look out over the lively square, see the whole town like a princess standing in her own palatial palace.

+ Village Apremont sur Allier: This coordinate makes many people think of a peaceful village in remote France. You can feel all the emotions when you stand here. At this time, you can gently relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and look around.

+ St Denis Cathedral: This is a miniature model of the real Denis Cathedral in France. The architecture here is exquisitely carved, giving people a feeling of majesty and solemnity. Stepping in here, your mind will be pure as if relieved somewhat.

+ Brittany Village: This is an old village in France famous for its crepes and liberal street beer culture. You will feel the European traditional cultural space as soon as you step here.

+ Conques Aveyron Village: A pristine village but shows the unique architecture and talent of the creator. Each scene here gives you many unique insights into Western culture.

Activities at Ba Na Hills French Village

+ Carnival: This festival is held from April to September, the artists will together transform into many royal characters such as princesses and princes, dancing together like a great party .

+ B’estival Beer Festival : Held from June to September, this is a typical German feature but brought here as a way of cultural exchange. And this is also the most favorite activity of domestic and foreign tourists.

+ Halloween: Held in October every year, this festival attracts a large number of tourists to participate, together transform into their favorite characters, organize extremely interesting party activities.

+ Winter Festival: This is both Christmas and year-end festivals as a way for people to rest and welcome a new year.

Ba Na Hills France Village Travel Experience

The Right Time To Go To The French Village

According to the travel experience of many tourists, you can visit Ba Na Hills French Village at any time of the year. Because Ba Na has cool and pleasant weather all year round, it is suitable for sightseeing and experiencing activities.

In the summer, the French Village becomes warmer and more lyrical by the sunlight, revealing beautiful architectural lines. At this time, visitors can walk around and comfortably “check-in” at every corner.

Da Nang Tours City suggests you to come to the French Village in April to August, this time it is dry, you can explore other different tourist attractions in Ba Na and Da Nang.

How long should you play in the French village?

How long to play in Ba Na Hills French Village depends on your plan and timing. If you are impressed with the French Village and don’t want to miss out any corners and moments here, stay a little longer. However, according to experience from many tourists, you should only spend 1-2 hours playing here because Ba Na has many other interesting points waiting for you to explore.

Ancient and romantic are the most mentioned things by tourists when talking about Ba Na Hills French Village. If you have the opportunity to visit Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, do not forget to visit this village to have wonderful photo albums and experience interesting activities.

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