Ba Na Hills Wax Museum – Come Play with the Stars

ba na hills wax museum

Wax Museum is one of the tourist attractions at Ba Na Hills. With a unique and impressive design, this place promises to bring visitors the most interesting experiences. Let’s explore the famous wax museum with Da Nang Tours City.

About Ba Na Hills Wax Museum

  • Address: Fantasy Park, Ba Na Hills tourist area, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, City. Danang.
  • Opening hours: The wax museum is open from 08:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

Ba Na Hills wax museum is located at B1 floor of the Fantasy Park complex of Ba Na Hills tourist area, where thousands of visitors come to visit and have fun every year.

Ba Na Hills is the first wax exhibition area in Vietnam, started construction in August 2012 and officially opened on July 11, 2013.
This place displays impressive wax replicas of many famous celebrities in the world in different fields such as cinema, sports, art or politics.

Visiting the museum, visitors will be amazed at the sculptures that are very similar to real people. The sophisticated works of art are all made by skillful and talented hands of Italian artists, bringing an extremely impressive visual experience.

Ticket Price Of Wax Museum

Most attractions and games in Fantasy Park are included in the ticket price of Ba Na Hills. However, to visit the wax museum, tourists must buy additional entrance tickets:

  • Ticket price for adults and children over 1m4: 100 VND/person
  • Children under 1m4: Free

The ticket office is located right next to the museum’s door, so you can easily move to and buy tickets at the museum area without taking too much time.

What’s interesting about the Wax Museum?

+ Visiting the wax museum on Ba Na Hills, you will admire the largest wax exhibition area in Vietnam with a total of 49 wax statues depicting 49 of the most famous celebrities in the world.

+ Famous people in different fields such as politicians, music, sports, movies, etc. Among them are top stars such as Taylor Swift, Messi, Albert Einstein, Jet Li, etc.

+ The wax statues are delicately sculpted in a 1:1 ratio, giving visitors a sense of excitement when taking pictures with their idols in real life.

+ Finally, visitors will learn about the wax foundry or how skilled artisans create an wax statue.

+ Thanks to the talented and erudite hands of Italian artists, the rudimentary wax blocks have become famous characters, true to every millimeter.

+ The wax area was built with the desire to help all visitors come here to stand next to and take beautiful pictures with their idols.

Notes when visiting the Wax Museum

When visiting Ba Na Hills wax museum, you should note the following:

+ With a large area, it will be very difficult for you to find your way when you just come here for the first time. Therefore, you should find out in advance how to move to Fantasy Park. If you can’t find the way, don’t be afraid to ask the people around and the staff here! After reaching Fantasy Park, go up to the B1 floor and you will reach the museum.

+ Eating, drinking and littering are not allowed in the museum.

+ Avoid touching the wax figure with your hands to avoid damaging or breaking the wax figure.

Wax Museum is one of the ideal places to visit, promising to bring you moments of interesting and fascinating experiences when coming to Ba Na Hills. Wish you have a perfect trip with your friends and loved ones.

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