Vong Canh Hill is a perfect fusion of breathtaking natural beauty and the romantic atmosphere of Hue. It brings a fresh and tranquil feeling, allowing one to find peace with every breath. At this place, the combination of flowing rivers, serene landscapes, and romantic scenery creates a picturesque masterpiece. Vong Canh Hill is truly a fantastic destination that cannot be missed when visiting Hue. If you have the opportunity to explore this city, do not miss the chance to experience the stunning beauty of Vong Canh Hill and its surrounding nature.

About Vong Canh Hill

  • Location: 102 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Thuy Bieu Ward, Hue City.
  • Opening Hours: Free entry.
  • Ticket Price: Free.

Vong Canh Hill is a place where the Nguyen Dynasty kings often chose to rest and admire the scenery. Surrounding the hill are various tombs such as Thanh Cung Tomb, Xuong Tho Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Dong Khanh Tomb and more.

This place bears witness to history and has gone through many ups and downs with Hue. It is located about 7km from the city center and a few kilometers away from Ngu Binh Mountain.

Situated in the southwest of Hue City, adjacent to the Perfume River, the hill rises over 40 meters. From here, you can have a panoramic view of Ngoc Tran Mountain, the vivid green edges, and the tiled roofs of Huong Ho Village, Hai Cat.

Additionally, you can also catch a glimpse of Hon Chen temple and other scenic views. Moving about 300 meters downstream, you will find the Van Nien Water Plant.

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How To Get To Vong Canh Hill

The route to Vong Canh Hill is relatively flat and easy to navigate, with shady pine trees lining both sides of the road. As you ascend, you will feel the cool breeze gently blowing in your ears. From the city center, you can simply rent a self-drive motorbike and use Google Maps or ask locals for directions. The travel time to reach the hill is approximately 30 minutes.

Starting from the city center, you follow Hoai Thanh Street and then turn right onto Le Ngo Cat Street. Continue straight for about 5km, and you will arrive at the destination. You can park your vehicle at the foot of the hill and then walk up to the summit.

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Best Time To Visit Vong Canh Hill

The perfect time to fully enjoy the beauty of Vong Canh Hill is during the twilight hours. Around 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm in the summer, when the sunset begins to descend. During this time, the sun is gradually hiding behind the mountains, painting the sky with a shimmering golden hue, occasionally accompanied by breathtaking streaks of vibrant red.

Standing before the harmonious scenery of the sky and clouds, you will feel small and insignificant, while all worries and troubles slowly fade away, blending into the mountain and river landscape. The sunset serves as evidence that endings are not always sad.

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Discover The Beauty Of Vong Canh Hill

Standing on the rolling hills, you can gaze into the distance and see the lush gardens nourished by the sediment of the Perfume River. The vibrant green fruit trees, including specialties of Hue such as lychee, kumquat, lotus tea, betel leaf, etc., are clearly visible.

The red-tiled roofs of temples and tombs seem to be hidden among the layers of ancient pine trees. Particularly, you will have the opportunity to admire the timeless beauty of the meandering Perfume River at the foot of the hill.

Although not as popular as other tourist attractions, Vong Canh Hill still captivates visitors. Along the road to Vong Canh Hill, you can enjoy the shade of trees lining both sides of the road and the scattered small houses.

In the distance, Ngoc Tran Mountain seems to be admiring the tranquil beauty of Vong Canh Hill. Unfolding before us is the image of a picturesque landscape with mountains and rivers. The gentle Perfume River flows with clear water, while the banks are adorned with lush foliage. Even the most discerning individuals would be in awe of this earthly paradise.

Here, only a few nature enthusiasts come to explore, with occasional local visitors coming to have fun on weekends. This contributes to preserving the peaceful, serene, and authentic beauty of the scenic spot in Hue.

Looking from above, the Perfume River appears truly beautiful, with a gentle and romantic atmosphere. From this vantage point, you can also admire the landscapes of the tombs and royal temples of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Tourists usually come here to meet up, sightsee, and enjoy the scenery. Occasionally, you may come across photographers who have arrived early to capture the vibrant moments of nature.

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With its dreamy and picturesque natural beauty, Vong Canh Hill is gradually becoming an ideal destination for tourists to admire Hue from a different perspective. What are you waiting for? Start planning your exploration of Hue right now. Hopefully, the information shared by danangtourscity.com will help you discover more fascinating destinations.