Tien Sa lighthouse has a height of 15.6m and a range of 14 nautical miles. From here, you can take in the majestic landscape of the sea and the vibrant life of Danang city along the romantic Han River within sight.

The Tien Sa lighthouse is currently a popular check-in location for young people in Danang, with many positive reviews on travel websites. Adding this destination to your itinerary will make your Danang trip more exciting and memorable. So, where is the Tien Sa lighthouse located and what makes it so special that it attracts travel enthusiasts? Let’s find out now!

Where is the Tien Sa Lighthouse ?

tien sa lighthouse

The Tien Sa Lighthouse is situated on Son Tra Peninsula, Son Tra District, Danang City. Therefore, when asked if there is a beautiful lighthouse on Son Tra Peninsula, the answer is Tien Sa Lighthouse. It is about 23km from the city center, making it convenient for day trips.

How to get to Tien Sa Lighthouse?

Tien Sa Lighthouse

Starting from the center of Danang City, you travel along Nguyen Van Linh Street. Pass over the Dragon Bridge and go straight to Vo Van Kiet Street. Then, move to the roundabout and turn left onto Vo Nguyen Giap Street. Follow Hoang Sa Street along My Khe Beach to the end of the road, and you will arrive at Tien Sa Lighthouse.

What attracts tourists to Tien Sa lighthouse?

Discovering the beauty of Danang’s lighthouse

Tiên Sa Lighthouse is located on Sơn Tra Peninsula, Sơn Tra District, Da Nang City. Built in 1902, it is considered one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. As it was constructed by the French, the lighthouse bears a distinct French architectural style, blending antique and modern elements.

The lighthouse stands out with its yellow and white stripes, accented by a green door. It independently illuminates and supports ships with easy navigation.

Taking beautiful photos at Tien Sa Lighthouse

Standing atop Son Tra Lighthouse, visitors can easily take in the natural landscape. From the beauty of the pristine forests to the vastness of the ocean, you will feel like you are lost in a magical world, reluctant to leave. This scenery is perfect for taking countless Instagram-worthy photos.

Especially, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the stunning sunset at Tiên Sa Lighthouse. This magical scene is the inspiration behind many mesmerizing and romantic photo shoots.

Anywhere on the Tiên Sa lighthouse, you can find an ideal “chill” corner. So if you are planning to travel to Danang, be sure not to miss this attractive destination.

In addition to visiting the Tiên Sa lighthouse, there are many famous tourist destinations waiting for you to explore in the “Vietnamese light city” such as: Than Tai Mountain, Tam Thanh mural village, 3D Museum,… or enjoy the delicious snacks of Da Nang with the unique flavor of the coastal city such as: Da Nang pancake, Quang noodles, rolled rice paper…

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Tien Sa lighthouse is a promising destination that brings many interesting, unique, and super new experiences for all tourists. Surely when coming to the top “living virtual coordinates” in Da Nang, you will have exciting experiences that you will never forget. Therefore, when visiting the city of bridges, don’t forget to add Tiên Sa lighthouse to your travel itinerary.