Nam O Reef in Da Nang: Detailed travel guide

Nam O reef

Nam O Reef in Da Nang is a relatively pristine beach. The unique, majestic, and mysterious beauty of this landscape is created by long stacks of rocks, piled on top of each other, reaching out to the sea.

Those who have a passion for exploring nature while traveling to Da Nang will find it difficult to overlook Nam O Reef. Located near the fishing village, this scenic spot is not only a popular check-in point with many captivating views but also offers a wide range of exciting and diverse tourist activities that are definitely worth experiencing at least once.

Introduction to Nam O Reef

Nam O reef In Da Nang

Nam O Reef has a length of 300 meters and extends over 2 hectares. The breathtaking scenery of this place is created by large moss-covered rocks, golden sand beneath, and vast blue sky above. However, behind this majestic beauty lies a very romantic story.

Legend has it that in ancient times, a couple entrusted by the Jade Emperor to dig the sea and fill the mountains. While moving the rocks, they stumbled and fell. From that point on, Nam O Reef in Da Nang was formed and has existed until this day.

Nam O Reef consists of two main coral reefs: the Parent Reef and the Child Reef. While the Child Reef carries a gentle and peaceful beauty, the Parent Reef boasts more rugged rock formations. All of these intriguing elements make this place an ideal destination to visit in Da Nang.

How far is Nam O Reef from Da Nang?

Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef is only 17km away from Da Nang, measured from the city center. Therefore, visitors can easily reach this place by motorbike, car, or even taxi. The specific address of Nam O Reef is Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang.

If you’re driving on your own, starting from the city center, you need to take Tôn Đức Thắng Street towards Nguyen Luong Bang. Continuing on this route, you will pass Xuan Thieu Beach, then take a turn towards the fishing village. Keep going, and you will reach Nam O Reef.

The short distance and easy road make it an ideal destination for day trips, where visitors can enjoy sightseeing, check-in spots, and engage in various activities.

Explore Exciting Experiences At Nam O Reef In Da Nang


Fishing in Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef is a tourist spot near the fishing village. Taking advantage of this location, there are many distinctive and engaging experiential activities available here. One of the notable activities is fishing at sea, using the boats of local fishermen.

To experience this activity, you need to contact the locals in the fishing village and arrange for the service. Typically, you will need to pay for the boat ride, fishing equipment, and bait. The fish you catch can be taken home as your fruitful reward. This is not a simple experience, but if you manage to bring home your catch, it will become an unforgettable memory.

Swimming and snorkeling to observe coral reefs

snorkeling to observe coral reefs

Over time, tourism in Nam O has developed significantly, with the addition of many modern and exciting services for those who enjoy experiential activities. Among them is the activity of scuba diving to admire the coral reefs. Visiting a beautiful coral reef like Nam O without going scuba diving would be a waste. The clear, refreshing water and captivating coral reefs will make for a wonderful exploration journey from above the surface to beneath the sea.

Watching the sunrise

nam o reef

Nam O is known as a beautiful landscape in Da Nang, but that doesn’t mean that traveling to Nam O is boring. If you allocate enough time or plan your trip properly, you can also witness the stunning sunrise and sunset over the sea from the rocky cliffs.

Sunrises and sunsets at sea always have a unique beauty. In Nam O, this scenery is not only accompanied by the vast expanse of blue sky, golden sand, and endless sea but also by the presence of unique moss-covered rock formations.

Exploring the traditional fish sauce village of Nam O

nam o reef

As mentioned above, Nam O Reef is located near the fishing village. Therefore, you can combine your travel itinerary with a visit to the renowned fish sauce village of Nam O. This village is where delicious fish sauce is produced from the abundant fresh fish sourced from the waters of Da Nang. After the tour, visitors can also purchase gifts for their families and acquaintances, such as tasty, clean, and high-quality products from the village.

Indulge in local specialties

nam o reef

When it comes to Da Nang cuisine, the famous Nam O fish salad cannot be overlooked. The unique dipping sauce recipe and the combination of various fresh seafood create a distinct flavor for the fish salad. In addition to the fish salad, visitors can also experience many other seafood dishes. This is a characteristic feature of coastal regions and beach travel experiences.

Some tips for visiting Nam O Reef in Da Nang:

Best Time to Visit Nam O Reef

Best time to visit Nam O reef

The best time to visit Nam O Reef is when the rocks are covered with a layer of green moss, and the morning sunlight illuminates the area, especially during low tides when the rocky cliffs emerge from the sea. To capture the beauty of these scenic spots, it is recommended to visit from January to March.

During this time, there may be more tourists visiting the area than usual. Everyone wants to capture memorable photos on these rocky cliffs.

Attractions near Nam O Reef

Traveling to Nam O at the current time is not fully developed. Therefore, overnight trips to this area require careful planning, including accommodation and necessary supplies. As a result, most people choose day trips instead.

Near Nam O Reef, visitors can choose to visit famous landmarks in Da Nang such as Con Market, Han Market, My Khe Beach, 3D Museum of Da Nang, or combine their trip with a visit to Hoi An, known for its ancient town, Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Market, and traditional handicraft workshops. Combining these tourist destinations with Nam O Reef will create a complete journey of exploration, experience, and discovery.

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The strongest attraction of Nam O Reef lies in its pristine and majestic beauty, combined with exciting tourist activities. It offers a peaceful retreat and the opportunity to experience things one may have never considered before. When visiting, the rewards go beyond beautiful check-in photos, as there are many other things to discover. If you have affection for the coastal city of Da Nang, be sure not to miss this special destination!