Ban Co Peak is a familiar stop for any traveler setting foot on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang. Renowned for its rare ancient beauty amidst the bustling urban life, the mountain peak has now become a popular destination attracting a large number of tourists every day.

In addition to the mesmerizing and captivating natural scenery, Ban Co Peak holds unique and fascinating legends that you should explore. Let’s refer to our travel experience to Ban Co Peak for a safe and exciting discovery journey.

Where is Ban Co Peak located?

As a highly renowned tourist spot for nature enthusiasts, Ban Co Peak is located in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City. It is situated about 9 km northwest from the city center. Nature has generously bestowed this place with a picturesque and mystical beauty, featuring sprawling mountains and forests that blend harmoniously with the vast seascape.

With an elevation of 700m above sea level, making it the highest point in the entire city area, Ban Co Peak is affectionately referred to as the “roof of Da Nang” by the local people. From the mountaintop, visitors have the opportunity to admire the sparkling panoramic view of Da Nang City from a completely new perspective. It is also an ideal location to indulge in the fresh and serene atmosphere of the sky and land.

Unique Legends of Ban Co Peak

Besides the enchanting and mesmerizing landscapes, Ban Co Peak is also steeped in a unique and fascinating legend. Long ago, there was a celestial being who descended to the Son Tra Peninsula. Captivated by the beauty of the place, he decided to rest and set up a chessboard to contemplate. De Thich, a skilled chess player among the celestial beings, happened to pass by and immediately requested a game.

For days on end, the two celestial beings competed, evenly matched with no clear winner. One day, a group of beautiful celestial maidens appeared near the Son Tra Island, later known as Tien Sa Beach. De Thich was distracted by the joyous laughter of the maidens, making a wrong move and ultimately accepting defeat.

After winning the game, the celestial being joyfully flew back to the heavens, leaving De Thich stunned and pondering over how to resolve the chess situation. However, no matter what he tried, he couldn’t find a solution. Therefore, the local people erected a stone chessboard and a statue of De Thich deep in contemplation. From then on, the name Ban Co Peak was born and gradually became popular among everyone.

How to get to Ban Co Peak

Choosing Transportation Options

+ Motorbike: Motorbikes are a popular transportation option chosen by many tourists when visiting Ban Co Peak due to their affordability and flexibility. You can enjoy the scenic views along the way and stop whenever you desire. The rental price for motorbikes in Da Nang is around 100,000 – 200,000 VND per day, depending on the type of bike you choose.  (You must choose a geared motorbike)

+ Taxi/Grab: For older tourists, group travelers, or families, hiring a taxi/Grab or a private car is a convenient and safe option. It is recommended to use ride-hailing services like Grab Car, as they offer transparent pricing.

Guidance for the route

The road to Ban Co Peak in Da Nang is not far but quite steep and dangerous, so tourists can consider one of the two following travel routes for convenience:

+ Route 1: Travelers start from the Thuận Phước Bridge and follow Yết Kiêu Street. Then continue towards the People’s Navy Military Camp Zone 3 and proceed straight to reach Ban Co Peak. This route is relatively easy to navigate and saves time.

+ Route 2: Travelers begin from Hoang Sa Beach and follow Vo Nguyen Giap Street towards Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula. Then continue on a narrow trail to reach Ban Co Peak. This route is winding, steep, and quite dangerous, but it is often chosen by most tourists due to the breathtaking scenery along the way.

For a complete experience, tourists can combine ascending Ban Co Peak using Route 1 and choose the other route for the descent. However, regardless of the chosen route, the road to Ban Co Peak is generally steep with many dangerous turns.

If traveling by motorbike, it is necessary to use a geared motorbike (currently, scooters are prohibited from ascending Ban Co Peak due to the risk of accidents) and thoroughly check the vehicle before embarking on the journey. The rider should have experience in long-distance travel and handling various situations to ensure safety throughout the trip.

After traveling to the end of the mountain pass road and reaching the foot of Ban Co Peak, tourists will have to continue hiking up a fairly steep trail to reach the mountaintop, where the famous statue of De Thich and the stone chessboard are located. Although it requires considerable effort, the spectacular scenery that Ban Co Peak offers will undoubtedly leave you in awe and won’t disappoint you.

Exciting Experiences at Ban Co Peak

Witnessing the Stunning Sunrise and Sunset at Ban Co Peak

It can be said that Son Tra is at its most beautiful during the early morning hours when the mist is still lingering. The sunrise at Ban Co Peak resembles a watercolor painting, with sparkling rays of sunlight gradually piercing through the mystical haze. The warm hues and breathtaking scenery as the sun slowly rises will surely leave a profound and lasting impression in the minds of visitors.

With its advantageous natural location, this mountain peak is also a popular choice for tourists to witness the mesmerizing sunset on the Son Tra Peninsula. During twilight, the sky over Da Nang turns a radiant red, illuminated by the last rays of the day. It is a wonderful opportunity to admire the picturesque and poetic side of Da Nang, with fishing boats dotting Tien Sa Beach and the prominent, majestic shape of the Dragon Bridge.

Camping on Ban Co Peak

An Unmissable and Exciting Activity When Exploring Ban Co Peak is Camping with Family and Friends. Son Tra is renowned for its cool and fresh climate throughout the year, along with a charming and dreamy natural environment. What could be more delightful than cozy outdoor gatherings, enjoying delicious food, and engaging in lively conversations with loved ones amidst a magnificent setting?

Furthermore, if you want to capture impressive photos, take some time to pose and check-in with the statue of De Thich and the giant stone chessboard. Ban Co Peak offers valuable photo opportunities with backgrounds of beautiful beaches and sparkling mountainous landscapes, making it a popular choice for young people and couples to preserve their beautiful and memorable memories.

Admiring the Panoramic View of Da Nang City

Immerse Yourself in the Space Between Earth and Sky, and you can fully indulge in the majestic natural landscape of Da Nang, with its sea breezes and sky-filled clouds. Cast your gaze far and wide, and you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the captivating beauty that can only be found in the towering skyscrapers, boats swaying amidst the vast waters, and the meandering white sandy beaches along the mountain slopes…

Furthermore, on the way to Ban Co Peak, there are small cafes and local specialty restaurants serving enticing dishes such as roasted duck, goose, and grilled rabbit at very affordable prices. It’s a great option for tourists to not only admire the beautiful scenery but also savor delicious local cuisine while exploring the area.

Important Notes When Visiting Ban Co Peak:

To have a safe and fulfilling visit to Ban Co Peak in Da Nang, tourists should keep in mind the following:

+ Dress in tidy, comfortable clothes and wear sports shoes for easy movement and exploration. Don’t forget to bring a jacket to keep warm and protect yourself from the sun.

+ Bring your own food and drinks as there are no food establishments on Ban Co Peak. This allows you to enjoy the scenery while having a picnic.

+ It is advisable to leave Ban Co Peak before it gets dark, or you can choose to camp overnight if you want to experience and admire the nighttime landscape.

+ Visit Ban Co Peak on sunny days to ensure safety during the journey and to have the best possible experience.

+ Keep the phone number of the rental car provider or accommodation facility handy in case of any unexpected situations where assistance is needed.

Ban Co Peak in Da Nang with its pristine and tranquil beauty, stands out as a unique touch amidst the bustling city scene. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Da Nang, be sure to explore Ban Co Peak to sightsee, take memorable photos and create wonderful memories!