What to do in Nha Trang? Discover top attractions, adventurous activities, culinary experiences, and more in this seaside city. Uncover Nha Trang’s best-kept secrets now!

Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city located in the central part of Khanh Hoa province. It has long been recognized as one of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, thanks to its stunning beauty. With breathtaking natural landscapes, pristine turquoise beaches, magnificent islands, and unique attractions, Nha Trang is considered an ideal paradise for relaxation.

If you’re still wondering about “what to do in Nha Trang” don’t worry. Just read through this article and discover the best things to do in this beautiful coastal city for your upcoming trip.

Best time to visit Nha Trang

What to do in Nha Trang

The climate in Nha Trang is quite pleasant, with a prolonged dry season from January to August and no freezing cold winter days. This allows tourists to visit Nha Trang at any time of the year. From April to late June, the weather becomes hotter, but not excessively scorching.

In September, rainfall starts to appear in scattered showers, but it does not significantly affect the recreational activities for tourists. From October to December, the rainfall increases, and there may be cooler air. This is not the peak tourist season in Nha Trang, so it is suitable for visitors who want to enjoy a tranquil, relaxing, and cost-effective vacation.

What to do in Nha Trang

Sunbathing on the Beach

What to do in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a nature-rich destination with many beautiful pristine beaches. There’s nothing more wonderful than relaxing and sunbathing under the cool rays of the sun, on smooth sandy beaches, with crystal-clear turquoise waters, along with the backdrop of lush green mountains and swaying palm trees. Nha Trang offers numerous stunning beaches for visitors to choose from, such as Doc Let Beach, Bai Dai Beach, and Nha Trang Beach.

You will be greeted with soft, powdery sand and pristine blue waters. In particular, Nha Trang Beach is conveniently located in the city center, allowing easy access to other amenities such as luxury hotels, resorts, shops, and restaurants.

Diving and snorkeling

What to do in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is renowned as one of the top destinations for diving activities in Vietnam. With about 25 different diving spots in the area, most of them are located around stunning islands.

If you are a beginner, there’s no need to worry too much as the guides will help you familiarize with necessary skills and safety procedures. You can fully rest assured to immerse yourself in the rich and beautiful underwater world at one of these amazing diving spots.

Po Nagar Tower

What to do in Nha Trang

This is a Cham Pa temple located on top of a hill, about 10 meters above sea level, at the mouth of the Cai River, now belonging to Vinh Phuoc Ward. It is one of the largest Cham Pa cultural heritage sites in the country.

The architecture consists of three levels, ascending with stone steps. The gate tower area no longer exists. The middle level, known as the Mandapa, is a place for resting and preparing offerings. It features four octagonal columns, including 12 smaller outer columns and 10 larger inner columns.

Ascending the steep steps, visitors will reach the tower complex, which includes six red brick Kalan (tower) structures, with only the foundations remaining for two towers that were destroyed. The towers are built in a similar style but differ in size, with the northeast tower being the tallest at approximately 23 meters. The four corners of the roofs feature three smaller-tiered roofs adorned with various mythical creatures such as elephants, swans, and goats. Surrounding the tower complex, there are many trees where visitors can rest and enjoy the shade.

In addition to pilgrimage and taking photos with the majestic ancient towers, visitors can also admire the bustling boat traffic on the river.


What to do in Nha Trang

Nha Trang City, with its long beaches, numerous islands, lakes, and rivers, is an ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts. Hon Mun, Hon Tam, and Hon Mot are famous fishing spots that you should visit.

The ideal time for fishing is during the spring season when fish tend to be more active and easily caught. If you choose to fish in rivers, early morning or late afternoon is the best time. If you want a better chance of catching more fish, night fishing at sea is recommended.

VinWonders Nha Trang Theme Park

What to do in Nha Trang

This is an entertainment and resort complex located on Hon Tre Island, with a total area of 200,000 square meters, connected to the mainland by a modern cable car system. The theme park is divided into indoor and outdoor sections, a water park, an aquarium, an art performance area, an ocean movie castle, and a food court.

Here, visitors have many options, such as enjoying the water park or experiencing thrilling rides like the free-fall tower, extreme swing, or high-speed roller coaster. For families with children, don’t miss the movie castle or the candy fortress.

At the end of the day, visitors can take the 120-meter-high Ferris wheel ride with their families to admire the breathtaking panoramic view of Nha Trang Bay.

The entrance ticket and round-trip cable car fee for adults are 880,000 Vietnamese dong, while children from 1 meter to 1.4 meters tall have a ticket price of 660,000 Vietnamese dong. Customers over 60 years old are offered a discounted ticket price of 530,000 Vietnamese dong.

Oceanographic Museum

What to do in Nha Trang

Oceanographic Museum is an integral part of the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute, established in 1923 and located at 1 Cau Da. The museum showcases various special areas such as the marine organism breeding area, natural regeneration area, artificial mangrove forest, diverse marine organism exhibition area, along with research equipment for oceanography and non-material resources.

Exploring the Islands

Islands in Nha Trang Bay offer their own unique beauty, with fishing villages, pristine secluded beaches, the “kingdom” of monkeys, and vibrant coral reefs.

Hon Mieu island

What to do in Nha Trang

Hon Mieu is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the bay area, located near the mainland. It is famous for its long Tranh Beach, stretching nearly 500 meters, with fine sand and intermittent small pebbles. The seawater here is fresh, clear, and gently sloping, providing favorable conditions for swimming. Tranh Beach is also a hub for various water sports and activities such as jet skiing, kite flying, banana boat rides, and flyboarding.

Exploring the Tri Nguyen Aquarium is an experience not to be missed when visiting this island. Designed in the shape of a giant ship, the aquarium features a basement with 4 fish tanks. It serves as the main tourist center, showcasing hundreds of marine species that create a small underwater world. The second and third floors of the aquarium offer restaurants and souvenir shops, providing convenience for visitors.

Hon Tam island

What to do in Nha Trang

Hon Tam is located approximately 7 km southeast of the city and is a fantastic island. This island is famous for its lush green forests, long stretches of sandy beaches, and calm waves, providing an ideal setting for travelers seeking a relaxing vacation.

Hon Chong island

What to do in Nha Trang

Hon Chong, located on Pham Van Dong Street, approximately 3 km northeast of the city center, is a unique natural wonder. It is an area of large rock formations, with diverse shapes stacked on top of each other from the high cliffs down to the sea. It is also one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the coastal city, offering fresh and tranquil air.

Hon Mun

What to do in Nha Trang

Hon Mun is considered an excellent destination for diving and exploring coral reefs, located about 12 km from the Cau Da port. With the combination of two warm ocean currents, this island is home to approximately 2,000 coral species and various tropical marine organisms. By participating in a diving tour at a depth of 6-8 meters, visitors can experience the colorful underwater world and encounter numerous starfish and fish species.

Yen Island – Hon Noi

What to do in Nha Trang

Yen Island – Hon Noi, about 25 km from the port, is famous for its pristine and tranquil beauty. Here, there is a secluded beach with smooth white sand and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea from the top of Du Ha Mountain, accessed by around 200 steps.

Monkey Island – Hon Lao

Monkey Island – Hon Lao is a special attraction with approximately 1,500 monkeys residing in the forested area. While walking on the island, visitors can encounter them everywhere. Most of the monkeys here are friendly towards humans, but caution is advised as they can snatch food. There is also a circus performance area on the island, with shows at 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, and 3:15 PM.

One-Pillar Island – Hon Mot

One-Pillar Island – Hon Mot attracts visitors with the peaceful beauty of the fishing village on the sea, with traditional thatched houses and small boats dotting the waters. Here, visitors can enjoy the fresh sea air and observe the lives of fishermen. The island also offers various activities such as shallow-water diving to admire coral, jet skiing, glass-bottom boat rides, and canoeing with parachutes.

Visitors can rent a boat for approximately 1,300,000 Vietnamese dong to explore the islands in the area. Some islands have entrance fees, such as Hon Mun with a ticket price of 22,000 Vietnamese dong, and Monkey Island with a ticket price of 144,000 Vietnamese dong for adults and 72,000 Vietnamese dong for children.

However, to save costs and time, it is recommended for visitors to join available island tours. There are tours available for beach activities and games at Hon Mun – Tranh Beach or Hon Tam, with prices ranging from 450,000 to 600,000 Vietnamese dong. A diving tour at Hon Mun is priced at 600,000 Vietnamese dong. In addition to island visits, these tours often include mud baths, enjoying lunch at fishing villages, and more.

Here, visitors can explore over 20,000 specimens representing marine and freshwater species. Creatures like anglerfish, seahorses, and tube anemones are displayed in glass tanks, creating a diverse environment for Vietnam’s marine ecosystem. Particularly, the museum also exhibits an 18-meter-long whale skeleton and a replica of a Dugong sea cow, which was caught by fishermen in Phu Quoc in 2003.

The ticket prices for the museum are 40,000 Vietnamese dong for adults, 20,000 Vietnamese dong for students, and 10,000 Vietnamese dong for school children.

Enjoy a Mud Spa

What to do in Nha Trang

If you visit Nha Trang, you should indulge in mud spa services to enhance your health and relaxation. This treatment method is believed to be highly beneficial for health, with many healing effects.

There are several good places to experience mud spas in Nha Trang. The Thap Ba Hot Spring Center, I-resort, Mud Bath of Hundred Eggs, and Galina Mud Bath at Galina Hotel are excellent choices. Prices range from 200,000 VND per person for a shared bathing package to 3,000,000 VND per person for a VIP package.

Visit the fishing villages

What to do in Nha Trang

If you travel about 10 km south of Nha Trang, you will come across some fascinating floating fishing villages.

These are the homes of the Vietnamese fishing community, where you can explore and experience the traditional way of life of the local residents.

You can join a delightful boat tour or opt for a private boat to take you directly from Nha Trang to these villages. Prepare yourself for a memorable experience, where you will immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery and a traditional cultural lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else.

Shopping at Dam Market

What to do in Nha Trang

Dam Market is an ideal shopping paradise for tourists, notable for its unique architecture and a wide range of products from souvenirs to local specialties. It is the largest shopping market and a symbol of the seaside city of Nha Trang.

Visiting this market early in the morning not only provides an excellent experience due to the exposure to the local lifestyle but also helps you avoid the heat of the summer weather.

Playing Paintball

What to do in Nha Trang

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, try playing paintball at Hoa Lan Stream Tourist Area in Nha Trang.

The organizers will divide you into two different teams and provide detailed instructions about the rules. Players will be equipped with paintball guns, armor, hats, and protective masks to ensure safety.

When entering the match, the experience becomes extremely interesting as you get immersed in the dramatic and attractive feeling, like participating in a real battle. The unique terrain of Hoa Lan Stream adds to the excitement, feeling as if you are fighting on an island with challenging forests and mountains.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride

What to do in Nha Trang

If you are a fan of exciting adventure experiences, Hon Tam is a great destination to satisfy your desires through a hot air balloon flight and sightseeing.

The hot air balloon will take you up to a height of 150 meters on a 20-minute journey, allowing you to view the entire city of Nha Trang from above.

Not only an exciting experience, but it also creates an opportunity for you to film and capture beautiful photos from the city’s airspace and the sea. It is indeed an unmissable choice if you want to combine exploration and enjoying unique scenery in Nha Trang.

Take a Cooking Class

What to do in Nha Trang

Cooking classes in Nha Trang often take you to the local market, guiding you to select cooking ingredients like vegetables, meat, fish, and delicious spices. Then you’ll head back to the kitchen to learn how to cook and prepare a traditional Vietnamese feast.

By participating in this cooking class, you’ll not only learn how to prepare traditional dishes but also experience the process of selecting fresh ingredients from the local market. By preparing your meal, you will have the opportunity to savor fantastic flavors and create memorable experiences.

Try taking a cooking class in Nha Trang and discover how traditional Vietnamese cuisine’s attractiveness is achieved.

Playing Golf

What to do in Nha Trang

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’re really in luck when visiting Nha Trang as this city has some premium 18-hole golf courses like the Vinpearl complex and Diamond Bay Golf Course.

These golf courses are designed and built to professional standards, allowing you to play golf while admiring the stunning scenery of Nha Trang. This will undoubtedly provide you with the most exciting and memorable experiences.

Nha Trang Cathedral

What to do in Nha Trang

The Nha Trang Mountain Church was built impressively large, measuring 36m in length, 20m in width, and situated 12m high. The overall architecture of the church demonstrates strength through blocks of stone dyed over time. With its Gothic architectural features, the Mountain Church bears the solemn look of fortresses and the charm of ancient Roman times.

The church’s interior sanctuary is spacious and airy, with spiral vaults designed like arrows pointing straight up to the sky, creating harmony and sharpness. Visitors will also easily notice the meticulousness in reproducing the life and suffering scenes of Christ on the walls, with subtle simulations.

Another noteworthy point is the color coordination and lighting in the sacred space of the sanctuary, creating a sense of solemnity and mystery for visitors. All architectural details and light arrangement have created a holy and inspiring space.