Tra Que Vegetable Village: Detailed travel guide

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village is not only a source of fresh and healthy vegetables for the locals of Hoi An, but it also serves as an ideal retreat for tourists seeking tranquility and a rejuvenating experience. Therefore, adding a visit to this village to your itinerary is highly recommended for a peaceful and enjoyable getaway with your loved ones.

About Tra Que Vegetable Village

About Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village, situated in Cam Ha Commune, lies approximately 3 kilometers northwest of the Hoi An city center. For nearly three centuries, local households have efficiently utilized this over-40-hectare expanse for implementing crop rotation and intercropping with over 20 types of leafy vegetables and spices.

Benefiting from its privileged location between De Vong River and Tra Que Alga Pond, the village enjoys a wealth of fertile soil and abundant water sources. Thus, it has established a reputation for growing various greens such as lettuce, salad, houttuynia, flagrant knotweed, basil, and others, thanks to its time-honored traditions. Tra Que Vegetable Village has consequently become an acclaimed destination for tourists visiting Hoi An.

Tra Que Vegetable Village is distinguished by its unique farming techniques, which account for the exceptional flavor of its produce. In particular, the villagers use seaweed sourced from the Co Co River to fertilize their crops, while implementing the latest agricultural technologies to increase productivity. The result is a selection of remarkably fresh and untainted vegetables that are unparalleled in quality.

Moreover, visitors to the village can partake in both sightseeing and farming activities for a nominal fee of just 35,000 VND per person per day. This affordably priced excursion provides a thrilling experience in the heart of the ancient town, making it an unmissable destination for travelers seeking a memorable and educational trip.

How to go to Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que Vegetable Village
The way to Tra Que Vegetable Village

+ From Da Nang: Take the Son Tra – Dien Ngoc route towards Hoi An for approximately 20km. At the intersection, turn into Hoi An Ancient Town and continue for about 500m until you see the entrance to Tra Que Vegetable Village.

+ From Hoi An: Follow Hai Ba Trung street towards Da Nang and continue straight for about 3km. You will see Tra Que Vegetable Village on your right.

Note: If traveling by motorbike, you can venture deeper into the village. However, if you are in a car, you will need to park at the village entrance and walk in.

You can follow the directions on Google Maps here.

Top Activities to Experience at Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An

The optimal time to plan a visit to Tra Que Vegetable Village is between February to April and September to December each year. This period offers a great opportunity to participate in various engaging activities that showcase the local way of life and culture.

Experience the daily life of a farmer

tra que vegetable village

If you are interested in experiencing life as a farmer, Tra Que Vegetable Village is a must-visit destination in Hoi An. Here, visitors can learn how to plant, water, harvest, and care for vegetables with the guidance of local farmers. Although it may be physically demanding, this activity can provide insight into the agricultural practices and the simple life of rural communities.

Enjoy foot bath with Tra Que herbs

Tra Que vegetable village

A popular wellness activity offered in the village is the Tra Que foot bath. This experience involves immersing your feet in a tub of warm water infused with Tra Que herbs, known for their medicinal properties. Visitors can relax and enjoy the benefits of the natural herbs while being pampered by the friendly staff.

Join in cooking classes

Tra Que vegetable village cooking classes

For food lovers, Tra Que Vegetable Village offers cooking classes where visitors can learn how to prepare traditional Hoi An dishes using fresh herbs and vegetables grown in the village. The experienced chefs will guide you on how to select ingredients and cook local specialties such as Quang noodles, pancakes, and spring rolls. Once the dishes are completed, visitors can savor their creations.

Watch the sunset

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Village is a prime location to witness the stunning sunset scenery. The absence of tall buildings provides an unobstructed view of the horizon, and the golden hues of the sky seamlessly blend with the lush greenery of the fields. Visitors can capture the mesmerizing sunset view while taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a drink at one of the village’s cafes.

Gastronomic Delights at Tra Que Herb Village

When visiting Tra Que Vegetable Village, food enthusiasts are in for a treat with a variety of unique and delicious dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are some of the must-try foods to indulge in:

+ “Tam Huu” spring rolls: This local delicacy features a mixture of shrimp, pork, and basil rolled together with green onions. It is typically served with sweet and sour fish sauce infused with garlic and chili, creating a savory and flavorful taste.

+ Quang noodles: A specialty of Quang Nam Province, Quang noodles are served with fragrant soup made from shrimp, meat, and raw vegetables. The chewy noodles add a delightful texture to the dish, making it one of the best foods to try while in the area.

+ Sweet basil seed drink: A refreshing beverage that is perfect for a break from exploring, the sweet basil seed drink is high in fiber and can help reduce stress. The drink is made from basil seeds soaked in water or coconut water, mixed with sugar or honey, and served over ice.

+ Pancakes: A popular dish in Hoi An, pancakes have an attractive crispy crust filled with shrimp, meat, and bean sprouts. It is typically served with raw vegetables and rice paper, allowing diners to create their own rolls and enjoy the flavors and textures in every bite.

Suggested itinerary for a day trip to Tra Que Vegetable Village

Depending on your travel schedule, you can plan a visit to Tra Que Vegetable Village. From personal experience, a day trip is sufficient to fully explore the beauty of this place. If you need some ideas, you can refer to the suggested itinerary below:

+ 8:00 AM: Departure to Tra Que Vegetable Village.

+ 9:00 AM: Begin the journey to explore Tra Que Vegetable Village. If you are on a guided tour, the tour guide will introduce the history and culture of the village. If you are traveling independently, you can ask the locals here for information. They will be happy to explain the history and culture of the village.

+ 9:30 AM: Experience fun activities, take photos and participate in the production and care of vegetables in the garden. At the end of the labor process, visitors can enjoy lotus seed water and soak their feet in various types of herbal leaves.

+ 12:00 PM: Have lunch and take a rest.

+ 1:00 PM: End of the tour at Tra Que Vegetable Village. If you still want to explore further, you can visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village, which is located nearby. Here, you can admire many works of art made from pottery, which depict wonders of the world. You can also experience making pottery under the guidance of skilled artisans.

+ 4:00 PM: End of the Tra Que Vegetable Village tour.

Many travelers seek refuge from the stress of city life and immerse themselves in nature at Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An. This rural paradise allows visitors to experience the tranquility of a simpler life. We hope that the aforementioned information will be helpful for your upcoming journey to this exceptional destination.