Many travelers choose Hue Resort as an ideal resort for every vacation and should not be missed when visiting Hue. These districts are well known for their unique architecture, modern amenities, and excellent service quality. Let’s join Da Nang Tours to list the 5 best resorts in Hue below.

Angsana Lang Co Hue

  • Address: Cu Du Hamlet, Loc Vinh Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam.
  • Phone number: +84 (0) 234 3695 800 & +84 (0) 234 3695 888
  • Room prices start at: from 7,700.000 – 16,000,000 VND/night

Whenever somebody talks about attractive resorts in Hue, that’s hard to miss the name Angsana Lang Co. This location is in Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, around 60 kilometers from the city center, it is suitable for people looking for a vacation away from the noise and bustle.

The standout feature of Hue resort is situated on the beach and owns a very beautiful private beach. The resort appears to be extremely contemporary from the outside, but it is quite different once you enter inside. Because the design is inspired by traditional Vietnamese culture, you will see furniture made of bamboo, rattan, and palm. All bring the feeling of closeness and comfort.

Angsana Lang Co has 229-room with different room types. Especially, in which there are up to 100 rooms with extremely luxurious private infinity pools. The rooms are designed with large glass doors so that you can enjoy the view of the mountains or the immense sea.

Vedana Lagoon Hue

  • Address: 41/23, Doan Trong Truyen, Phu Loc Town, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue
  • Phone number: 0234 3681 688
  • Room prices start at: from 5,000,000 to 32,000,000 VND/night

Vedana Lagoon Resort stands out among the peaceful Tam Giang Ferry lagoon, one of Southeast Asia’s largest ferry lagoons. The resort is designed to blend modern art with the picturesque Vietnamese countryside. In particular, Veena has been regarded as the first resort in Vietnam to have a bungalow on the water.

The resort has 55 rooms and bungalows that are uniquely constructed. In front, there is a balcony or patio where you may enjoy the view or lay back and relax, read a book, etc.

The villas and bungalows are entirely open nevertheless bring private space in accordance with 5-star standards. Instead of the rooms being near each other, Vedana has an entirely different layout. To let you integrate into and enjoy the surrounding nature, the rooms are separated by a long distance.

The resort is ideally located just 30 minutes from Hue airport and 60 minutes from Da Nang airport.

Alba Wellness Hue

  • Address: Phong Son, Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue
  • Phone number: +84 234 3556 666 – +84 234 3552 222
  • Room prices start at: from 5,000,000 to 19,000,000 VND/night

If you want to find an ideal resort, Alba Wellness will be the destination to satisfy your needs. Under the design of a Japanese architect, this Hue Resort was blended with the unique features of Vietnamese – Japanese architecture to create a luxurious and classy space that is equally close.

This resort was designed by a Japanese architect and combines the distinctive qualities of Vietnamese – Japanese architecture to achieve a luxury and luxurious space that is also accessible.

The resort’s campus is extremely large and divided into small bungalows. Bamboo woods extend two walks and a large swimming pool, and you are free to explore the tropical landscape.

Alba Wellness Valley offers you 26 bungalows with an area of up to 70m2 running around the swimming pool. From a distance, you will see that this place looks like a resort village. Inside the room are equipped with comfortable amenities.

The space inside is filled with bamboo – close and familiar ingredients. Especially, each bungalow is equipped with bicycles for visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the resort’s campus.

Hue Ecolodge

  • Address: 2 Luong Quan, Thuy Bieu village, City. Hue
  • Phone number: 091 527 88 77
  • Room prices start at: from 2,000,000 to 7,000,000 VND/night

Hue Ecolodge, which does not exude luxury, impresses both local and foreign guests with its extremely idyllic setting of red brick buildings. Hue Ecolodge is built to seem like a Vietnamese garden house, so you’ll feel close.

The apartments here are made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, straw, and so on. Surely, the proprietor of this resort had to commit his entire heart and love to nature in order to give it a new face, and so a lovely resort was established.

Although it is close and idyllic, the facilities at this Hue resort will not disappoint you at all. In front of the room is the space of a spacious swimming pool for you to take a relaxing dip. In addition, Hue Ecolodge also has a spacious restaurant for you to enjoy the culinary quintessence of Hues. Compared to other resorts, Hue Ecolodge has a fairly affordable price.

Laguna Resort Hue

• Address: Cu Du Hamlet, Loc Vinh Commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam.
• Phone number: +84 (0) 234 3695 800 & +84 (0) 234 3695 888
• Room prices start at: from 5,000,000 to 19,000,000 VND/night

In the list of famous Hue resorts, it is definitely impossible to ignore the name Laguna Resort. The resort is near Lang Co Bay and has a direct view of the East Sea. The resort has its own private beach and this area is well-known for its stunning natural surroundings and virgin beaches…

The unique plus point of Laguna is that it gathers the top resorts in Hue such as Angsana Lang Co, Banyan Tree Lang Co, and Laguna Park Homes Lang Co apartments.

Laguna Resort Hue is designed with adjacent villas. Each apartment is from 2 to 3 floors with full rooms and a swimming pool. If you’re traveling with a team or family, Laguna Resort is a great spot to stop.

Staying here, you will enjoy the fresh air in the open garden space. In addition, the private garden and swimming pool will also bring you a comfortable feeling with your loved ones.

In addition, Laguna Resort also brings you countless outstanding facilities such as 9 restaurants in the resort, a relaxing spa or entertainment services on the sea, etc.

If you want to have the greatest experiences in Hue, don’t miss out on the luxury Hue resorts listed above. Hopefully, the information provided by Da Nang Tours will assist you in choosing a wonderful stop on your trip to Hue.