Dong Ba Market In Hue: Detailed guide

Đông Ba Market

Dong Ba Market is known as “the busiest market in Hue”. This is a place where you can find and buy a variety of items, discover ancient Hue an find and buy a variety of items, discover ancient Hue cuisine, and buy gifts to give to your loved ones. If you want to come here, don’t forget to save all the things you need to know before visiting Dong Ba market below.

About Dong Ba market in Hue

  •  Address: No. 2 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Initially, Dong Ba market was called Quy Gia Thi to mark the return of King Nguyen when he returned to Phu Xuan. The name Dong Ba market was formed in 1887 under the reign of King Dong Khanh.

dong ban market hue

Dong Ba market in Hue is located right between Gia Hoi and Truong Tien bridges. From the outside, it looks like other normal markets, but you have to go inside to see all the bustle and bustle of trading activities here. It is not only a market that means business and trade, but also has a long history, showing the culture of the people of Hue.

dong ba market
Dong Ba Market in the past

This is a place to sell a lot of rich and diverse items such as clothes, household items, hundreds of delicious dishes, etc. You don’t have to go far, just come to Cho to enjoy most of the delicious cuisine of Hue.

How to go to dong ba market?

Dong Ba Market
Dong Ba market is right in front of the main street, so it’s quite easy to find.

The market is located in the center of Hue City, so the way is very easy. You can ride a motorcycle or take a taxi, which is very convenient. The market is located at 2 Tran Hung Dao Street, next to the romantic Perfume River.

According to the travel experience of Da Nang Tours City, you should come here by motorbike because after entering the market you can go to other nearby tourist attractions to visit such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Quoc Hoc Hue School…

What’s in dong ba hue market?

The total area of the market is up to 15,000m2, extending from Truong Tien bridge to Gia Hoi bridge, so it takes you a lot of time to explore it all. Hundreds of large and small stalls selling fashion items, household items, food… for you to choose freely.

The market is divided into 3 floors:

+ 3rd floor: The most famous is the bell tower and U-shaped belt, this is where the most diverse fashion items are sold.

3rd floor of Dong Ba market

+ 2nd floor: Mainly selling handicrafts. You can buy conical hats, ceramic vases, beds, cribs, etc., which are produced in the handicraft villages of Hue.

2nd floor of Dong Ba market

+ 1st floor: stalls selling Hue cuisine such as dry goods, Hue specialties, delicious dishes served on the spot.

1st floor of Dong Ba market

Delicious Dishes You Should Try When Coming To Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market in Hue

Food court in Dong Ba market, where you can sample the majority of Hue’s delectable cuisine at the most reasonable prices.
Some specialties you should taste when visiting the market include grilled pork vermicelli, Nam Pho soup cake, mixed tea, potato cake, roasted pork tea, filter cake, etc.

Many tourists enjoy the food here because it is inexpensive, costing only 5,000-35,000 VND per piece. Enjoying the food in the middle of the crowded market is really interesting.

Some notes when going to Dong Ba market

You should go to Dong Ba Market around 3 p.m. The reason is that small traders do not like to bargain in the early morning, so if you go in the afternoon, you will be more comfortable bargaining when buying goods. In addition, food stalls are also open more during this time.

+ When purchasing any item, bargain for half the price and gradually raise the price. The items here are considered cheap but can be pushed up very high, so please pay attention.

+ If you want to buy fresh food and seafood, you should go early in the morning to choose the freshest and newest food.

+ If you go on TET holiday, you must be careful with your personal belongings because the market is extremely crowded.

+ Don’t forget the market is open from 3 am to 20:30 pm.