Bay Mau Coconut Forest is a famous ecotourism destination in Hoi An. Here, you can experience sitting in a traditional round boat to explore the lush green coconut forest in a peaceful atmosphere, enjoy performances of basket boat dancing, boat racing, and savor local specialties.

Where is Bay Mau Coconut Forest located?

  • Address: Group 2, Can Nhan Hamlet, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.
  • Opening hours: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily.

Ticket prices for visiting Bay Mau Coconut Forest are as follows:

  • Entrance fee: 30,000 VND per person.
  • Basket boat rental fee: 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND per boat.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest, also known as Cam Thanh Coconut Forest, is located approximately 3km from Hoi An city. It is a renowned ecotourism destination that offers visitors a range of experiences with its natural rivers, expansive coconut forests, and traditional basket boats.

The Best Time to Visit the Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

The ideal time to visit the Bay Mau Coconut Forest is during the dry season from January to September. During this time, Hoi An enters the summer season with sunny weather, but the climate in the coconut forest remains cool, fresh, and pleasant.

If you visit the Bay Mau Coconut Forest around August or September, you will be able to admire the forest’s most beautiful scenery and indulge in the delicious aroma of salted sesame coconut rice. For the remaining months of the year, you can still visit the coconut forest, but it is advisable to keep an eye on the weather to avoid storms, especially around October and November.

How to Get to the Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Currently, the Bay Mau Coconut Forest has become a popular destination and is chosen by many tourists when visiting Da NangHueHoi An. The forest is located about 6km from Hoi An’s ancient town, and with a well-developed transportation system, you can easily reach it by boat or various land vehicles such as cars, taxis, or motorbikes.

+ Getting to the Bay Mau Coconut Forest by boat: If you want to experience a unique and exciting journey, you can take a boat from Bach Dang wharf (in Hoi An’s ancient town), which will take you along the Thu Bon River to reach the coconut forest.

+ Getting to the Bay Mau Coconut Forest by land vehicles: If you prefer a quick and flexible mode of transportation, you can use a car, taxi, or motorbike to reach the Bay Mau Coconut Forest. Starting from the center of Hoi An, you can follow Tran Nhan Tong Street, cross Cua Dai Bridge, and continue for another 500m to reach the destination.

The History of Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

According to local residents, Cam Thanh Coconut Forest has been around for approximately 200 years. At that time, migrants from the Mekong Delta brought water coconut seeds and planted them in this area. Thanks to the favorable combination of water and soil, the trees gradually thrived and developed into a large forest covering about 7 “mẫu” (7 hectares). The name “Bay Mau Coconut Forest” originated from this (although currently, the coconut forest covers an area of up to 100 hectares).

During the resistance war, the coconut forest served as an important revolutionary base that helped our people win many battles against the enemy. Today, capitalizing on the natural beauty of the vast coconut forest, it has been developed into an ecotourism destination that is well-known and one of the famous tourist attractions in Hoi An.

What is interesting about visiting Bay Mau Coconut Forest?

Bay Mau Coconut Forest ecotourism site offers various services to provide visitors with surprising and enjoyable experiences. Here are some memorable moments that many people have had when visiting:

Basket boat sightseeing

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Sitting in a round basket boat and maneuvering through the vibrant green coconut groves while enjoying the fresh air is a unique experience that many people love. Bay Mau Coconut Forest offers two types of basket boats: small ones that can accommodate 2 passengers and larger ones for 4 passengers. During the leisurely ride, you will hear fascinating stories about the coconut forest and in the distance, the familiar melody of a Quang folk song.

Basket boat dancing and racing

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

In addition to leisurely sightseeing, visitors can enjoy captivating performances of basket boat dancing and exciting boat racing. You will be amazed at the performers’ exceptional balance on the swaying basket boats, displaying agile and impressive movements. The boat racing event is equally thrilling, and don’t forget to cheer and encourage the racers for an added boost of motivation.

Fishing with nets

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Watching the traditional fishing technique of using nets is a vibrant display that many people look forward to when visiting Hoi An’s coconut forest. You will witness the skilled and rustic fishing methods employed by the local fishermen.

Making souvenirs from coconut leaves

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

During the Bay Mau Coconut Forest tour, the boatmen will offer you small souvenirs made from coconut leaves, such as wristwatches, rings, grasshoppers, tribal hats, and more. These simple gifts showcase the warmth, enthusiasm, and authenticity of the local people in Quang Nam province. The boatmen will also guide you on how to make your favorite coconut leaf handicrafts.

Cycling to Cam Thanh village

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

After enjoying the lush green coconut forest, you can rent a bicycle and explore Cam Thanh village. This journey will immerse you in the beautiful and simple countryside ambiance, with vast rice fields and the refreshing scent of ripe paddy in the air.

Indulging in Hoi An specialties at local households

Bay Mau Coconut Forest

During your exploration of Hoi An’s coconut forest, don’t hesitate to accept the invitation from the local residents to have a meal, where you can experience the most authentic aspects of their rustic lifestyle. You will be treated to delicious local specialties such as spring rolls, sweet and sour shrimp salad, banana blossom salad, and Central Vietnamese pancakes (banh xeo). Additionally, you can also enjoy these delightful dishes at the Bay Mau Coconut Forest restaurant.

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I hope this guide to visiting the Bay Mau Coconut Forest will help you plan your trip more easily and have the most enjoyable experiences here. In addition to independent travel, joining a tour is also an interesting option that you can consider to minimize concerns about transportation, dining, and accommodation.